Madeleine Lewis, LICSW

About Me

I specialize in counseling for Anxiety and related conditions (Stress, Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, Mood Disorders, Trauma, Adult Survivors of Childhood Sexual Abuse).

I earned my Master’s in Social Work in 1995, and prior to starting my private practice in 2003 I served as a clinical social worker in hospital and community mental health settings. My training includes Mindfulness, Cognitive-Behavioral, and Psychodynamic theories. I’m a big fan of mindfulness approaches in particular, having personally benefitted from them. A big reason  I was inspired to start a private practice was the desire to share mindfuless skills and techniques with others (visit my FAQ  page for more on mindfulness).  On a personal level, I’m a musician and am usually involved in one or more recording projects at any given time, I like to read, and I’m a devoted fair-weather hiker.

 Contact me at 206-313-1921.

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