Madeleine Lewis, LICSW

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do You Take Insurance? 

Yes, I’m an in-network provider with Premera Blue Cross (plus some other Blue Cross/Blue Shield plans) and First Choice Health Network. I may be able to accept other insurance plans as an out-of-network provider. If you have a question about whether my services are covered by your insurance plan, please contact me at 206-313-1921.

Q: What Do You Charge?

My fee is $120 for a 55-60 minute session. Shorter or longer sessions are also possible.

Q: What Is Your Approach To Treating Anxiety?

During our first meeting, I’ll hear your story. I ask about the problem you’re coming in with – when it started, how long it’s been happening –  and I ask you for other pertinent background information. This helps determine the best approach  to treatment, including length of treatment. Because everyone’s situation is different, there’s not a one-size-fits-all approach and we’ll discuss what approach will be best for you. We may focus on things like your relationships, your patterns of thought and mood, family history or trauma history, personal habits, or maybe several of these things.

Q: Do I Have to Take Medication If I Have Anxiety?

It depends. Anxiety can be treatable without medications, and my work is about helping you to develop the skills and tools to manage anxiety and related conditions, regardless of whether or not medication is used.

Q: What If I’m Currently Taking Medication?

In many cases medication is helpful or necessary. But the purpose of medication is to relieve symptoms, not to treat the underlying causes or conditions that lead to anxiety. If you currently take medication for anxiety or another condition, you will probably find that adding counseling is much more effective than using medication alone.

Q: What Is Mindfulness? 

Simply stated, mindfulness is about being in the here-and-now, instead of getting distracted by the past or the future. This is achieved through various techniques and practices, which help to develop awareness of our habitual mental and emotional processes. Mindfulness is an effective way to gain control of anxiety, stress, depression, emotional eating and addictive behaviors, and other life challenges. I’ve been specializing in this type of work since 2003 and am excited to offer it, as I know it to be a highly effective tool for relieving suffering.

Q.  What If I Don’t Have The Time To Meditate? 

You don’t have to meditate to benefit from mindfulness practices. There are effective techniques that can assist in developing mindfulness that don’t require a lot of time to practice. Call me today to find out more: 206-313-1921.

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