Madeleine Lewis, LICSW

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do You Offer Online Appointments? 
Yes, I offer online sessions through an encrypted, HIPAA-compliant web portal. Online sessions are not covered by insurance, but are eligible for Health-Savings Account and Flexible-Spending Account reimbursement. Online sessions are offered at a 30% discount off the standard office visit fee.

Q: Do You Take Insurance? 

Yes, I’m an in-network provider with Premera Blue Cross (plus some other Blue Cross/Blue Shield plans). I may be able to accept other insurance plans as an out-of-network provider. If you have a question about whether my services are covered by your insurance plan, please contact me at 206-313-1921 or email me at

Q: What Do You Charge?

My fee for an office visit is $120 for a 55-60 minute session. Online appointments are $90 per hour. Shorter or longer sessions are also possible.

Q: Do You Offer Sliding Scale or Reduced-Fee Appointments? 
I do offer a limited number of reduced fee appointments. Sometimes these spots are already taken, and there may be a wait list. Please contact me to inquire about current availability: or 206-313-1921.

Q: What Is Your Approach To Treating Anxiety?

During our first meeting, I’ll hear your story including family background, social history, medical history, and current symptoms. We’ll also discuss a plan for treatment. Because everyone’s situation is different there isn’t a one-size-fits-all approach, but some or all of the following are usually included in anxiety treatment:
– Education to understand the fight/flight response, and the role of behavioral responses in amplifying or minimizing anxiety and panic attacks
– Understanding and managing the physical symptoms of anxiety
– Learning to identify cognitive processes that contribute to anxiety, and how to get control over them
– Distress tolerance training and relaxation skills training
– Mindfulness training
– Identifying and setting boundaries, and Assertiveness Training
– Exposure Plans, when the symptoms of anxiety include avoidance of people, places, or situations

Q: Do I Have to Take Medication If I Have Anxiety?

Anxiety can be treatable without medications, and my work is about helping you to develop the skills and tools to manage anxiety and related conditions regardless of whether or not medication is used. However, some people do best with both medication and therapy.

Q: Do you offer therapy for other issues, or just anxiety?

Yes, I have significant experience with many other issues that people typically seek therapy for. Here are other areas in which I’m qualified and experienced and enjoy working:
Depression and other Mood Disorders, Grief and Loss, Healing from past trauma, family-of-origin issues, and life transitions.

Q: What Is Mindfulness? 

Simply stated, mindfulness is about being in the here-and-now, instead of getting distracted by the past or the future. Mindfulness helps develop awareness of our habitual mental and emotional processes and can be an effective way to gain control of anxiety, stress, depression, emotional eating and addictive behaviors, and other life challenges. I’ve been specializing in this type of work since 2003 and am excited to offer it, as I know it to be a highly effective tool for relieving suffering.

Contact me today to find out more:, or call 206-313-1921.

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